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Berklee Wolaver

I’m one of those mom’s that got married and entered the life of motherhood right away.

I remember being in shock the first time I found out I was pregnant, knowing that a human being was inside me and I was already a mother to a tiny little miracle. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. 

Now with three girls and one little boy on the way, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by these treasures God has bestowed upon me! (And marriage just gets better with kids, by the way!) I’m grateful God has given me so many ways to use my gifts and talents through these stages of motherhood.

As a daughter of two performers, I grew up surrounded by music: watching my dad play trumpet at jazz shows, hearing my mom vocalize in the car daily to and from my school and various lessons. It was a colorful life, and one I explored in many ways, from singing to ballet and tap dancing and developing as a visual artist.

Somedays, art for me is cooking a colorful meal in the kitchen or helping my girls craft the perfect princess, and other days I go between graphic design, illustration, and my personal love, watercolors. 

Each summer, I choreograph and teach dance at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival, and I’ve recently started teaching throughout the year at the Conservatory of Annie Moses. My little girls are budding dancers, singers, and artists themselves - it’s awakening a new era for our little family.