God’s Natural Woman

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“You make me feel like a Natural Woman” 

- Carole King

God outdid Himself when He created Woman.

The stunning design of His Masterpiece has been the fodder of artists, poets, and songsters for centuries, and rightly so: she is truly “remarkably and wonderfully made.” The intricacies of her design fit hand-in-glove with the role God sculpted for her. Deeper still is the brilliant manner in which the science of her make-up, the chemistry of her mind and body, thrives as she fulfills her role.

To receive the robes of God’s Natural Woman is to slip into something comfortable; it is to drop the trappings of selfish ambition and vain conceit and to relax into the fellowship of sisterhood.

Over the last century and a half, however, society has waged war against God’s Natural Woman.

Gradually, she has lost her grasp on exactly what it looks like to wear the robes of Original Design, and young women are increasingly torn between the natural drives of their hearts and bodies, given by God, and the expectations of their mothers and grandmothers who grew up under the influence of loud feminist voices, and whose ideologies are often unwittingly tainted with their ideas.

The cumulative effect of each generation building on the cracked foundation of the last has taken us further and further from our natural bent, and the influence of these radical feminists has led the fair sex to increasingly disregard, even disdain, the Designer genes given by God.

This is sad indeed, as only His plan satisfies the innate longings of a woman’s heart.

Social pressure is heavy too, as the fashions and behaviors of peers who do not honor God crowd in. This pressure often leads to immoral behaviors in the early years of womanhood, when the important, life-shaping decisions present themselves. Many young women, lured by the lies and pizzazz of pop-culture, make serious mistakes navigating these choices, mistakes that often lead to a lifetime of regret, and a loss of identity and purpose.

God is seeking a remnant, a coalition of women who will exercise a maturity that flies beyond their social conceptions, whose hearts are pure and pliable, who will surrender themselves to Him, body, mind, will, and emotion.

He is calling us back to our Beginnings, back to the edicts of Eden, back to the Ancient Paths that lead us home. 

This is where the journey of Exceptional Woman will take you.

We will uncover the grand secrets and mysteries of our make-up, the things for which we were Created. It will be wonder-full, in the true sense of the word, and will bring us to our knees in worship of our Creator, in awe of His Creation’s Crown Jewel: Woman.


Alexander W.