Lisa Marie Wolaver

My storybook life begins with my parent’s romance, a Filipino soldier in the American Air Force and a beautiful, intelligent woman from Panama. Like the hero and heroine of a Hollywood film, they fled that country during the reign of Noriega and settled in the sunny land of California. I grew up bilingual, loved to travel by plane, and lived in the pensive and whimsical worlds of reading and creating with my hands. I loved being with my three siblings. When I was older, I traveled often and wanted to teach. Inspiring young minds with a vision of God’s love and artful beauty was my passion. Then I met and married a poet cellist who loved philosophy as much as I did.

Like many women, I have a kaleidoscope of interests! I can still bring up my Spanish when needed from some hidden corner of my mind. Since the time I graduated from college, I have lived in four different states, befriended many wonderful people, and married my prince charming. After living on my own for almost a decade, I have relished keeping hearth and home for my new budding family. My mind still tends to introspective thinking about the deep things of life. I love to wonder about transcendent truth, goodness, and beauty in creation and theology.

If you were to peek into our little brick home, you might find me researching natural birth and holistic medicine, or dancing around my kitchen with my infant daughter, or finding the right light for the perfect Instagram shot. My dream is to take threads of old wisdom and weave them into the fabric of modern day life - to bring beauty and balance (and a bit of fun) to my little world.